About Us

Sett & Lucas is a financial institution offering Investment Banking, Institutional Broking, and Private Equity funding by bridging the developed and emerging economies. The firm is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices across US, UK, Japan, Spain, Australia, Israel, China and India. Founded by veteran Scottish investment banker Daniel Setton and British institutional broker Lucas Steinberg, Sett & Lucas was formed by the merger of two boutique investment banking firms and has been servicing technology firms since 2008.

Sett & Lucas aims to unlock the highest possible value to shareholders by providing the maximum global visibility to its client assets. Sett & Lucas also works with fortune 500 and global corporations enabling them to expand globally into emerging markets through strategic investment banking initiatives. Sett & Lucas demystifies the intricate investment banking industry and caters to the specialized needs of the clients, thus creating a niche. We strive hard to provide value to our clients by helping the stake holders monetize their assets through M&A and capital raising. Sett & Lucas addresses the technology vertical in the businesses that serve to the middle market with the premium investment banking services. Sett & Lucas takes pride in assisting these fast growing technology companies which play a key role in the country’s economy.

Sett & Lucas offers full financial service capability, which includes derivatives, facilitating market access through affiliates and the distinctive offering of the corporate access to investors. Sett & Lucas provides secondary market broking services for the institutional investors in Indian equity market.

Sett & Lucas venture fund division invests capital in high growth, early stage companies that operate in Europe-India, US-India cross border corridor. Our framework is to leverage the local insight of our investment professionals, collaborating across the firm’s investment disciplines from deal sourcing and due diligence through portfolio company development.