Regulatory assurance services

Our regulatory assurance service aims to address critical issues regarding organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital and sustainability across all industries and geographies.

We track every single financial regulation, and analyze impact across industries and between organizational silos.

Our participative approach ensures practical effective action that delivers regulatory compliance change results. Transformation starts with clear strategy, a strong organizational structure and operating model and great change management.

On all counts, we have the necessary experience and expertise. What’s more, we have the collaborative spirit to work with you to deliver a transformation that is really owned by your team, and best supports your business.

We’ll help you develop and implement the right regulatory and compliance solution.


What we do

We are passionate about supporting clients facing regulatory compliance challenges. We combine experience with a proven ability to deliver solutions to regulatory obligations – we are here to help.

To deliver end-to-end change we have combined the research and analysis services of Zurik with our change management skills. By teaming up we ensure that you get the best of both worlds and benefit from a holistic approach.


Research desk

Zurik Reseach Desk (ZRD) is a research center where our in-house regulatory intelligence team is working across 10,000+ regulatory documents covering the EU, US and APAC. The aim is to provide a base for a systematic research and analysis of all regulatory information from inception to implementation.  

Our goal is to be the single largest resource and knowledge hub for this type of analysis enabling clients to take faster decisions.

Our Zurik Research Desk services include both basic and niche tasks such as

  • Regulatory database creation and maintenance
  • Level 1 and Level 2 analysis with traceability
  • Daily monitoring of regulatory updates and tracking
  • Publishing regulatory research materials
  • Analyze the cross-jurisdictional impact of regulations across regions
  • Regulatory alerts for compliance and business stakeholders


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