Our history

Where we came from and why

Post the financial crisis of 2008, the firm was founded by veteran M&A advisors and investment bankers who came together under the financial backing of prestigious private family office funds from United Kingdom and Australia, to create a model investment bank with core values centred around Trust, Integrity, Guardianship, Entrepreneurship & Excellence and Respect – internally codenamed ‘The TIGER Principle’...

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The S&L difference

What is the Sett & Lucas difference that sets us apart from the rest?

The technology markets are today a level playing field. While the US markets dominate the global spend and the global consumption, the emerging markets have turned out to be innovators as well. Several billion dollar firms and unicorns have sprung up around the globe, especially in Europe and Asia. The global stock exchanges have left the doors wide open for technology firms to take their companies public in several markets beyond the Nasdaq, NYSE and the LSE. As a result of this, valuation arbitrages have sprung up in the IT industry. In addition to this, labor arbitrages have also been created between the developed and the emerging economies, especially the BRICS markets.

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Perspective over time

How our world has changed

We as a team at Sett & Lucas, have been tracking the Information technology and Digital Markets over the last 3 decades. The partners have been very active in the tech industry, it is this experience that helps us put the advancements over time into perspective. We classify the technology timeline into three decades and have tracked the markets closely for several years, to gain a perspective, which helps the team plot the landscape and paint value chain of the dynamically changing business models in Information Technology.

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Core values

What we believe in

Our core values are centred around what we call the
‘TIGER Principle’

We at S&L have on one hand embraced the agression and market share domination symbolized by the TIGER. On the other hand, we are committed to these 6 principles that form the acronym of the TIGER principle: Trust, Integrity,
Guardianship, Entrepreneurship & Excellence, Respect.

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Brand values

The rules and ideas we live by

Our brand value is centred around the goal: ‘To Deliver Value’. We strive, think, act and execute around helping the customer, the investors and the employees to take the next step forward in the right direction.

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Global executive leadership

The people driving us forward

Throughout our history, the one thing that has remained constant is our steadfast commitment to our clients. Sett & Lucas counts on experienced professionals to define the
productivity and efficiency of the Organisation. We look at experienced professionals as solution driven candidates
who are the virtual stake holders influencing the strategic business propositions.

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M&A Thought leadership

The Mandate

The lead bankers at Sett & Lucas are currently authoring a book that includes several interesting M&A case-stories called The Mandate.

Project Bourbon is the first chapter, an extract is free to read on this website.

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Recognition of our achievements

Sett & Lucas have recieved awards from several industry bodies, including the M&A Advisor and the M&A Awards over the years. Most recently we were recognized as one of the top 4 Boutique Investment Banking Firms of the year 2016 under the category Cross Border Firm of the Year.

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