Company valuation

The transaction advisory services (TAS) team at Sett & Lucas provides potential clients with independent assessments of value through a specialized process.

Sett & Lucas finance and accounting experts create sophisticated valuation methodologies – our market/industry experts are constantly monitoring changing regulations and market trends.

Company valuation usually involves analysing businesses, shareholder/ownership interests or intangible assets. We have built a reputation for preparing sound and defendable valuations that can answer the toughest questions from auditors, regulatory bodies, and other parties.

Our team of professionals has comprehensive experience completing complex valuation engagements. They hold certifications including chartered financial analyst (CFA) and accredited senior appraiser (ASA).


Fairness opinion

Fairness opinion is part of our transaction advisory services (TAS). Sett & Lucas is a go-to advisor for providing companies with fairness opinion that is known to be impartial.

We provide independent fairness analysis and opinion which help boards and shareholders assess corporate transactions. With our strong reputation as a top-notch investment bank, our team delivers high quality financial advice and opinions. We are confident in providing opinions involving minority/majority interests and debt securities.

The team at Sett & Lucas has significant experience in everything from simple acquisitions or sales to highly complex transactions, with valuations ranging from the low millions to a few hundred million dollars across the technology and engineering sectors.


Joint venture

At Sett & Lucas, we understand that there are numerous hurdles in the process of creating a positive joint venture (JV) or partnership.

To increase the chances of success Sett & Lucas uses our significant experience to provide the best strategic advice to our customers. At each stage of the process our specialists work to build, protect and extract maximum value for our customers.

Our integrated team of experts help our clients by unlocking value from existing businesses. The Sett & Lucas advisory team looks at whether a joint venture or partnership is feasible, they identify the risks and look at how to increase shareholder visibility and engagement.

Our team excels at overcoming structural challenges to ensure success.


Intellectual property valuation

Sett & Lucas has particular expertise in the valuation of intellectual property (IP).

Companies do intellectual property valuation for numerous reasons. This includes pricing and/or strategic purposes or to secure financing from investors.

Our real-time market insight is a key factor in why sellers choose our team to provide market assessments and evaluations. They provide clients with market based assessments and multiple transaction scenarios, so shareholders understand fair market value considerations helping them make the best decisions.

Sett & Lucas provides an integrated approach to monetizing patents through our expert understanding of hi-tech, business and intellectual property transactions. Whether it is funding, planning a merger, a joint venture, or even selling your IP, getting a comprehensive valuation of your IP done is crucial.

There are various ways we estimate the value of a patent (cost, market, and income) and the external influences (industry, regulation, competition). Our team applies recognized methodologies and valuation principles to provide objective insight into the market attractiveness of the IP based product or technology.