If is our strong belief that great organizations are built by employing the best and brightest people from different walks of life.

Sett & Lucas is proud to be committed to being a diverse, innovative, and inclusive workplace that creates equal opportunities for all our employees, to enhance their capabilities and achieve their full potential. The proactive management of diversity across the workforce has become more critical to maximize organisational effectiveness.

We believe in talent, integrity, responsibility, innovation, excellence, and perseverance. Sett & Lucas invests in inclusive practices that are guided by values and principles.  


Our approach – Investing in people

Sett & Lucas looks to bring out the full potential of our employees by creating opportunities for professional and personal growth. We value diversity by adopting a leadership style where different opinions, approaches and insights are appreciated.  

The firm conducts joint intercultural learning programmes – brain storming sessions where employees consider real time scenarios. These help the organization to recognize and capitalize on the differences among individual employees.


Investing in diversity and inclusion

We believe an inclusive and diverse workforce is critical in developing creative and innovative solutions to tackle complex challenges in global markets.

Sett & Lucas follows a communication policy that creates a framework for broader participation in the business environment. The firm embraces an open and inclusive culture which breaks down traditional barriers.

By valuing diversity we nurture our employees, creating mutual respect, and helping them to reach their fullest potential.


Career development and training

The career development programs at Sett & Lucas are designed with metrics that help our employees to define their career goals and create plans within the context of organizational realities.

 Training opportunities at Sett & Lucas are a combination of attitudes and skills. The firm runs plenary sessions across the organization twice in a year in which attendees speak predominantly about motivation, effective communication and topics that emphasize self-belief.