Our teams

Employees work together in high performance teams where the inner dynamics and collaborative skills within the group are tailored to provide value to clients. Senior management identifies and regularly rewards teamwork within the organization which had led us to achieve excellence.


Our roles

Every employee fills a diverse series of roles promoting client interests. Every Sett & Lucas team leader prepares his team for the transition of an individual contributor to an efficient team player. If you would like know more about our roles, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.


Our training

Sett & Lucas believes its ascendant position in the industry is due to the achievements of its employees. The firm conducts training sessions for employees to acquire new skills, sharpen existing ones, fortify their strengths, increase productivity and be better leaders.


Our diversity

Sett & Lucas is proud to be committed to being a diverse, innovative, and inclusive workplace that creates equal opportunities for all our employees to enhance their capabilities and achieve their full potential. We embrace a performance-based culture that values differences and similarities as well as empowers out-of-the-box thinking. Read more here.


Our industry expertise: At Sett & Lucas, we believe in strong industry knowledge. Most of our analysts have a particular expertise, becoming specialists through a combination of on the job training and industry exposure.

Very few bulge bracket firms or M&A boutiques provide this kind of specialized career path. The four industry based practice verticals – hi-tech and software, IT and ITES, digital marketing, IoT and industrials provide the perfect path to achieving excellence in specific industries. Read more.



Financial institutions can be very hierarchial organizations, especially firms with a global footprint.

Sett & Lucas has a unique model of mentoring that creates a link between the highest and the lowest executive on the corporate ladder. All senior officers of the organization, including managing partners, have a responsibility to mentor a junior analyst. Mentoring also aims to create the next set of middle management leaders. For more on our senior management team click here.