We focus on helping customers, investors and employees move forward in the right direction.

Our expertise in cross border M&A services, information technology and regulatory compliance means we are always clear on what the next step should be.

At Sett & Lucas we see the opportunity to raise growth capital for an early stage company with a great idea and customer traction.

With a middle market company with revenues of $25 M and above, we can find the best private equity partner to achieve scale and to back inorganic growth.

And for the company with revenues topping $100m with a robust track record, we will explore an industry changing M&A deal with a strategic buyer or global private equity.

We’re working hard to provide insight, support, advice and guidance to our customers, to help stakeholders monetize assets through M&A or capital raising and move to the next level.

While S&L encourages a spirit of humility, confidence and creativity in our employees, they’re also able to grow both as individuals and key members of the firm.

Every analyst is encouraged to become an associate, every associate a vice president and every VP a managing partner. Employees are constantly encouraged to move up the career and competence value chain, delivering value in turn.


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