The TIGER principle

Core values photo

Trust – Trust is all about being credible in the eyes of our clients. We build relationships built on mutual trust. We make commitments and ensure we keep them. We work to earn the trust of customers, partners, stakeholders and our co-workers.

Integrity – We ensure that our employees have the ability to stand up for what is right, and is held accountable for what they say or do.

Guardianship – We believe in protecting the interests of our clients and our employees. We are committed to the security of the assets we manage and those we represent in the marketplace.

Entrepreneurship and excellence – We are committed to inspire and create a sense of entrepreneurship within our employees. We work towards bringing out their entrepreneurial spark. We make sure our employees have a deep desire to attain excellence by achieving their goals while holding fast to our core values and vision.

Respect – We believe in mutual respect between clients and employees. We are highly inclusive and respect diversity.