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Delivering value

Sett & Lucas (S&L) is a global independent financial institution that provides impartial advice, ideas, strategy and execution services, by leveraging global presence, domain knowledge in specific industry verticals and a clear goal to deliver value to clients.

Over 120 associates working out of eight global offices across seven countries around the clock  to deliver value, by unlocking value (through investment banking and transaction advisory services), creating value (through the fund management business) and protecting value (through the regulatory compliance service – the Zurik Terminal).

With strong domain expertise across industries such as information technology services, business services, enterprise software and digital marketing, Sett & Lucas is a global thought leader in mergers and acquisition, transaction advisory services and private equity, in these specific markets.


The genesis

Following the 2008 financial crisis, a core group of veterans in technology and cross border investment banking, came together to create a model investment bank with core values centered around Trust, Integrity, Guardianship, Entrepreneurship and Excellence, and Respect – the TIGER principle.

The focus was on offering sell side information technology industry focused M&A services, leveraging cross border connections and global offices across major technology hubs.

The founding partners merged their boutique investment banking practices with financial backing from prestigious private family office funds from the United Kingdom and Australia.

S&L was formed in 2008 by the merger of multiple boutique investment banking firms and middle market M&A advisory firms across Europe and Asia.

Armed with a team that has a combined track record of over $550 billion in transaction experience, and equipped with over 25 years of M&A advisory service experience across different technology hubs, the global offices of Sett & Lucas are united under the single common goal of delivering value to clients.


The thought leader

Through its investment banking business, S&L aims to unlock the highest possible value for shareholders by providing maximum global visibility to its client assets, through one of the strongest buy side ecosystems.

With M&A buy side relationships that span the US, Europe, Latin and Central America, China, India, Japan, Africa and the Middle East, S&L has a proven track record of bridging cultures across different time zones.

The firm also works with Fortune 500 corporations, helping them expand into emerging markets through corporate development and strategic investments.

In addition to information technology services, S&L has deep domain expertise, a track record of exceptional client references in hi-tech and software, digital marketing and consumer internet markets. S&L takes pride in embarking on a sell-side representation only business model that enables an unbiased, holistic  advisory service for clients seeking the right partner at the right valuation.


The future – S&L 2.0

In an industry that has been in existence for over 200 years, Sett & Lucas has embraced innovation to create process efficiency, faster time to market and global coverage. Innovation is not an afterthought, it’s a daily routine.

S&L employs one of the largest and most sophisticated buy side research analysis desks in the tech M&A industry.

Leveraging next generation artificial intelligence technology and big data analytics, this model of extracting and managing market intelligence helps in accelerating M&A deal cycles, deepening domain expertise and covering a wider geography, it eventually facilitates complex cross border deal situations that result in higher deal valuations.

Zurik, the regulatory compliance business, is testament to the firm’s ability to leverage artificial intelligence. The platform is a global leader in tracking, monitoring and analyzing complex global financial regulations across the US, EU, Middle East and APAC.

S&L, through its core values and social responsibility initiatives, aims to fulfil its role as a responsible global citizen. The firm has directly contributed to global philanthropy across 18 countries, fostered entrepreneurship through connections with incubators and accelerators, and mentored next generation managers at business schools. It follows a sustainability model that involves building work spaces to reduce carbon footprints, focused on making venture investments that have a social impact.