Leaders in Cross Border M&A – Creating global valuation arbitrages

The technology markets are today a level playing field. While the US markets dominate the global spend and the global consumption, the emerging markets have turned out to be innovators as well. Several billion dollar firms and unicorns have sprung up around the globe, especially in Europe and Asia. The global stock exchanges have left the doors wide open for technology firms to take their companies public in several markets beyond the Nasdaq, NYSE and the LSE. As a result of this, valuation arbitrages have sprung up in the IT industry. In addition to this, labor arbitrages have also been created between the developed and the emerging economies, especially the BRICS markets.

Cross border M&A is a perfect model to leverage on these arbitrages for the mutual benefit of both the buyers and sellers. S&L is a global leader in Cross Border M&A, in enterprise technology software and services markets. S&L has a proven track record of having helped sell side clients in US, UK and Asia close deals with public listed companies across the globe.


People from the technology Industry:

Most of our senior management comes from the Buy side of large Fortune 500 Technology and Industrials focused firms. Our partners have worked with the blue chip firms in the Tech world – Dell, HP, Oracle, Siemens, Fujitsu, Samsung and Microsoft. We understand the technology and industrial markets extremely well. This helps us position companies appropriately while representing them on the sell side. Positioning firms to fill in specific gaps in the industry landscape, is a critical component to success in sell side M&A. Our people with strong domain expertise help our clients with the right positioning of the assets in the dynamically changing information technology landscape.


Specialists in sub-domains:

The technology industry is a vast ocean with numerous business and revenue models. The ability to understand, envision and articulate the value proposition in specific sub-domains is critical to the success of M&A and Capital raise deals. As a firm, S&L has identified specific sub-domains in which it has built domain expertise, proven track record, global buy side connections and private equity relationships.

Our focus areas:

  • Enterprise Software & SAAS
  • Information Technology & Information Technology Enabled Services (IT & ITES)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Industrials
  • Consumer Internet

S&L’s analyst team has been tracking these markets over several years and has built the proprietary S&L Tech Equity Indices, which are used by several asset management firms and hedge funds to benchmark their portfolios. Please follow the link to these indices: